Best Antioxidant Sources for Your Dog


In the past, pet owners could provide some pet food every day, and that was enough, but people know that dry pet food is not enough. Many vets agree that many of these common health problems in dogs are related to their diet. So what is the missing dog food? Most dry dog food is made with low-quality ingredients that do not contain high-quality vitamins and nutrients.

If this is not enough, they have many fillers in the food. Fillings are things a dog cannot digest, or it is not normal for a puppy to eat ingredients such as corn, wheat, and soya. The best pet food with human-grade ingredients cannot say precisely what dog vitamins could for one simple reason. This high heat dramatically reduces the sugar content of the food used to make the kibble. For pet owners, choosing the right vitamins for your dog can be complicated. So, here are some antioxidant sources you can give to your dog.

Acai Berry Extracts

Acai Berry

There is fantastic research showing that antioxidants can delay degenerative changes in a pet’s DNA. Antioxidants are recommended for allergies, skin diseases, eye diseases, coronary heart disease, and respiratory diseases. There is a fantastic amount of ignorance on this subject among individuals, and staring at the situation is much worse. You could make a difference by offering your puppies antioxidants.

Açai contains some theobromine supplements. I’ve hunted in several languages, but I can’t trace any of them together with the amounts. Are the potential benefits more significant than the likely dangers? There have been no recorded poisoning cases, and the ASPCA Poison Control Centre does not believe that acai poses a threat by poisoning your pet.

Acerola and Other Vitamin C Sources


Dogs produce vitamin C, so some vets say they don’t need supplements. Other men and women stress the benefits of mega-doses if used correctly. If you want to give your pet a lot of vitamin C and expect your dog to receive supplements, then you could give him fresh meat or acerola, also known as acerola. It may also be available in powder form for those who do not have access to the fruit in question.

There is little information about the beneficial effects of vitamin C supplements in dogs, but there is a lot of information about the adverse effects. It does not dissolve calcium oxalate stones, so sometimes you will need a urine test to make sure it does not become a problem. If your puppy needs the benefits of vitamin C (as in his skin and immune system), this is one of the antioxidants you should use.

Palm Oil and Carrots

Palm oil and carrots provide an equal amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is used by the body to keep the skin healthy, protect the mucous membranes, improve eyesight, and strengthen the immune system.
I favor natural sources as there is still a lot we don’t understand about this particular subject, and processed products could do without some things.

Almond and Sunflower Oil

Nevertheless, if your pet doesn’t enjoy vegetable sources of vitamin E, you can always add the capsules to your meal with a teaspoon of almond or sunflower oil. It is stronger than the vitamins we have seen so far and overcomes the adrenal gland barrier to have a much more significant effect on senile dogs. It is the only mineral on this list. It can help with tumors or puppies treated with chronic doses of steroids but is dangerous if given by mistake, so it should only be used properly when your furry friend is under medical treatment for another condition.

Beef, Eggs, and Chickens

It is said to be exceptionally bioavailable and particularly useful for cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Many readers will probably know more about the dangers of eating berries for their dogs, but the latest study suggests that the poison is found in sultana meat.

Grape Seeds Extracts

The seed is protected, and no problems have been reported. You will find the antioxidants available where I would not choose to use this product. Antioxidants are found in various foods that are readily available in fresh form in America and Europe. If you do not have access to the tools I have clarified, blueberries are among the perfect ones. These antioxidants may not yet be…